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Client testimonials

Insightful. Interesting. Challenging. Thanks very much for all the help and support you have given me…

S Lomas, Head of Humanities, Ulverston Victoria High School, Cumbria 
Working with Cress has helped my self-confidence and assertiveness hugely. I feel much more empowered and able to tap into an inner strength. Hating confrontation, I used to keep quiet and contain negative feelings. I now assert myself calmly in all professional settings and feel less annoyed. I am more self-aware and have techniques to manage situations. Thank you!

Mrs B: Senior teacher 
Enlightening, interesting, thought provoking, informative and stimulating. The coaching required a lot of 'input' from me which I wasn't expecting, but was welcome. It made me think more objectively and 'outside the box'. Brilliant! Thank you.

Mr I, Company Director 
Comfortable, trusting, safe, fun, supportive, natural, challenging, essential ie. I wouldn't be where I am mentally now if we hadn't spoken… The notes sent to me afterwards have really made me sit up and take notice. Being able to voice and admit to someone that it is not time, environment or anything else that is stopping me, but my own disbelief in my ability was really powerful. It is the trust and relationship that you and I have built that has allowed me to do this. I would not admit that to anyone else…The relationship, rapport and trust is absolutely vital. Thank you.

Mrs H, Senior Manager 
Being coached by Cress was a very positive and powerful experience with immediate results. I was impressed and very encouraged at how quickly she was able to hone straight in on things that seemed so obvious once we discussed them but for literally years I hadn't recognised myself.  Sessions are a two way thing; I was given space to think and work things out while Cress provided solid guidance and support.  As my coach Cress kept me focused, helping me to work out solutions and systems and most importantly implement them.

Ms F, Professional Athlete 


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